IBM Watson Personality Insights Functionality

IBM Watson Personality Insights

Xeerpa has integrated Watson Personality Insights functionality into its Dashboard, providing a complete analysis of not only the interests, hobbies, favourite products and brands or geo-locations of each user, now combined with an in-depth analysis of her/his personality and consumption preferences, allowing for an even more advanced personalisation in marketing campaigns.

Personality Insights: Functionality

Personality Insights: Examples of use


Xeerpa’s analysis of interests, likes, engagement and geolocations, combined with Watson Personality and Customer Behaviour Insights, provides a 360º individual customer profile. The main purpose is to help brands leverage first-party social media data and to enable them to create complex segmentations in a matter of seconds.

Watson Personality Insights adds value to Xeerpa’s solution by a series of calculations and projections based on the analysis of the comments and tweets published by users, describing just how each user interacts with the world through the Big Five or five factor model (1). Also, it incorporates and studies a person’s needs (2) and values (3). This knowledge empowers brands to create even deeper segmentations, personalize product offers and even the tone of their communication.

Big Five traits (OCEAN, for short)
The higher the degree of openness, the more willing you are to engage in new and intense experiences and take risks.
The more conscientious you are, the less you’ll jump on a last minute plan and the more dutifully or reliably you’ll act.
Extraversion o Extroversión
How outgoing or reserved your users are.
Agreeableness o Amabilidad
How cooperative or antagonistic your users are.
Neuroticism o Alcance emocional
How much your users react emotionally to their environment.

The reasons a user is guided by when making a decision, such as to buy or not to buy. It uses five values:
Open to change
Emphasizes independent action, thought, and feeling, and displays a readiness for new experiences.
Seeks personal success.
Shows concern for the welfare and interests of others.
Emphasizes self-restriction, order, and resists change.
Seeks pleasure and gratification; taking pleasure in life.

There are twelves needs reflected into Xeerpa’s Dashboard:
Excitement, curiosity, harmony, ideal, closeness, self-expression, liberty, love, practicality, stability, challenge and structure.
It can be used to identify what parts of a certain product or service will speak most to each user.


In the next videos you will see several examples of how leading companies, which base their decision-making on data analysis, use Social Network Profiling to know the hobbies and interests of each of their current and potential clients, identify which brands and communities they follow, what places they visit, what are their level of influence and affinity, and what personality characteristics are related to their consumption patterns, in addition to basic data.

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